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Katrin Tequila


Age: 20
Ethnicity: Russian
Height: 167cm
Measurements: 30A-24-34
Weight: 48kg
Hair Color: Brunette
Languages Russian, English
Location Paris, France

Review Summary



by John

Face - 8.5

Very pretty. A bit of a big nose but less noticeable when she tilts her head down and gives you her sexy, naughty look - which she does quite often. She’s a natural brunette, but died her hair and I like this look.

Body - 8.5

All natural. Not too skinny. The tattoo may not be for everyone and she has big, meaty thighs and ample butt. I think she was an athlete before.

Hygeine - 10

Absolutely clean. I don’t think she smokes because she never took a smoke break and everything smelled perfect. Nothing tasted strange and she was cleanly shaved or waxed.

Service - 10

ENGLISH LEVEL : Good. She can hold a basic conversation and talk to you about her life.

I love trying the local cuisine when I’m in Europe (that’s the best part right?). I saw Katrin’s profile on the website and was immediately smitten, especially with her huge leg tattoo, which I find very kinky and attractive on a young woman. However, she was listed as Russian and not French. Apparently, there are a lot of hot young, Russian girls on tour in Paris. I really dug her pics so I made an exception and went for Russian.

Because I was not staying in a hotel, but had rented a flat, both of us agreed to meet at a coffee shop first. I wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise, she was animated, spoke good English, and we had a nice conversation. When she sat, she made these little tiny gestures that were sexy and hard to describe. Her posture and voice was such a turn on. When I asked about her tattoo and she readily showed off her legs, I was ready to finish my coffee and move onto the main course. I gave her my address and we agreed to meet up at my flat later after she picked up a few things.

She arrived at my flat still wearing her casual clothes, but brought a sexy dress she wanted to show me. From the moment she entered, she was attentive and affectionate, kissing me and running her hands all over my chest. We had some champagne, and fondled each other in the easy chairs before she went to the bathroom to change. When she came back, she was wearing the sexy white dress she mentioned and wow, did she look fantastic. It was white and figure-hugging. She remembered how I like the stockings and garter-belt look from our coffee shop conversation, but had forgotten the stockings. At this point, I really didn’t care.

She french-kissed me passionately as she rubbed my crotch. I lifted her dress a little and smacked her ass a few times. She got down on her knees, unzipped my pants, and proceeded to give me an incredible blowjob. I could feel her tongue licking my shaft, while her lips were wrapped around my cock, as she bobbed her head up and down. I felt this intense sucking feeling and it was awesome. I leaned back and pressed her head to really deep throat her and when I let go, she came up with a smile.

Taking off the dress, I made her stand above me as I sucked on her delicious pussy and fingered her aggressively, imagining my cock doing the same thing. I couldn’t want any longer and had her sit on me. My cock felt her wet, warm pussy as it entered her. From there, it was a blur of ecstasy in my head. We tried multiple positions. First I picked her up, while I stood, and supported her with my arms. She wasn’t that heavy, so I fucked her standing. Then I took her to the couch and fucked her missionary while we swapped spit in big, sloppy kisses. I made her get into doggy while I fucked her from the rear and that made her moan and cry out in pleasure even more. I sat back again so she could sit on my cock in reverse cowgirl. She leaned back onto me and I ran my hands all over her soft skin. I was quite aroused so I laid her back on the couch, sucked her pussy a little, then fingered her hard, trying to hit her g-spot. She loved it. We moved back to where we started in the room and I fucked her doggy on the floor. I was ready to cum and made her sit up and open her mouth. I finished all over her face, and tongue. She smiled, sucking my cock a little more to get every last drop. Wow. She got up, and smartly gave me a hug instead of kissing me. We went to the bathroom and showered together to end the appointment.

In the shower, she seemed horny and ready for a second round, soaping up my cock with her hands and rubbing her butt against it. Unfortunately, I was spent and exhausted. We had a quick chat after and said our goodbyes. I’ve never been to Russia, but if these are the types of girls they have over there - and likely in more abundance - I’m planning to visit for my next trip.

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