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Sophie Lynx


Age: 29
Ethnicity: Hungarian
Height: 162cm
Measurements: 32A-23-34
Weight: 48kg
Hair Color: Brunette
Languages Hungarian, English
Location Budapest, Hungary

Review Summary



by Richard

Face - 8.5

Sophie has one of those Angelina Jolie/Jessica Rabbit faces, with sultry features and a look that only says “naughty”. It’s exotic and intoxicating, but may not be for everyone. Without the aide of the internet and her listing, you would have a hard time pinning her age because her skin was almost doll-like with a lack of fine lines.

Body - 8.5

Petite and naturally slender from a busy life (and probably lots of sex), Sophie is not toned like a gym rat but also not chubby in any way. I actually prefer this type of body. Her tummy is flat and her ass a nice squeezability, but some parts betray her age. Her breasts are small and not much to hold, but I appreciated the lack of tattoos

Hygeine - 9.5

She was immaculate from head to toe, and although she was a smoker, only her clothes had a hint of odor.

Service - 9

ENGLISH LEVEL : Basic. She understands very rudimentary words and communication is difficult, but she really makes an effort to communicate.

Looks-wise, Sophie Lynx is the Olivia Wilde of porn. Slim, petite, with smouldering good-looks that combines sex appeal, with a bit of naughty. This caused a great deal of trepidation. Sometimes a girl may look like a sex bomb, but actually be tame and restrictive. I also discovered Sophie through the agency first, before finding out she was a pornstar. At the time of the booking, she had been performing for a while, but not prolific or consistent enough to build a large body of work to discover. What little I could find was so poorly made I could not build any enthusiasm for her. But her beauty and body was exactly my type so I had to try. I'm glad I did because Sophie was incredible.

She arrived at my hotel room dressed casually sexy, as many Europeans seem to have the knack for pulling off, and she looked exactly like her photos. Perhaps even better because up-close, she was only lightly made up and you could see a lot of her "look" is completely natural. Her English was quite good. Although her vocabulary was limited, her pronouciations were clear and the foreign accent made it so much sexier. We small-talked a bit to build a repoire and I was shocked the listed age was real and she was a smoker because there was not a single hint of cigarette smell, and her skin was devoid of smoking-related age damage. I've met a lot of European women who smoke and even the young 20 year olds show signs of early aging. Sophie was nearly 30 and looked flawless. Her demeanor was very friendly and giddy, with constant smiling and eye-contact that made her appear high, but she couldn't have been because I was with her for a few hours and her speech and actions were focused and clear.

I've been requesting more girls to dress up in a bit of minor cosplay. For slim girls like Sophie, I ask they wear yoga-type clothes. After she showered, she came out wearing a nice ensemble of a cotton camisole and thin, curve-hugging pants that really showed off her spinner figure. When she lifted her top up and pulled down her pants slightly to reveal her trim midriff, I was once again in awe.

She laid on the bed with the legs spread and I devoured her pussy. She tasted great. There was an option for anal sex, and with a tight little ass like hers, that was my first request. But due to a miscommunication with the agency, Sophie was not informed and therefore not prepared.

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