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Age: 32
Ethnicity: Czech
Height: 172cm
Measurements: 87-66-95
Weight: 60kg
Hair Color: Brunette
Languages Czech, English
Location Prague, Czech Republic

Review Summary



by Jake


The following review combines two experiences: the one featured in the video which was filmed a while ago, and another a few years later. I thought it would be interesting to contrast the two. She was DARK from a recent trip to southern europe in the video; more so in person. She looked Indian! Over the years, the tan has subsided to a healthy olive complexion, making her look more exotic.

Face - 9

Wow, she's VERY pretty. She has a baby face which becomes more irresistible the longer she looks at you because she has perfected a naughty gaze with a wicked smile. No wonder she was penthouse pet of the year. She's in her thirties now but I was shocked she barely aged between the time of the video. I think she looks better now as her makeup is less dramatic and more subtle. Not a big fan of the nose piercing though.

Body - 8.5

She's voluptuous in every positive sense of the word, and in a way very few women can pull off. Let's be honest, most girls who describes themselves as "voluptuous" are just chubby. Lucky is not chubby at all. Her body type has remained exactly the same, except she feels a little softer than when she was younger. She doesn't look or feel fat - there are no stretch marks and her body is firm. It must be because of her height. If she had bigger breasts, she would be jaw-dropping perfect. She has a small tattoo on her left waist and that has remained unchanged.

Hygeine - 10

Lucky doesn't smoke and her breath was fresh. There were no stray hairs anywhere on her body. Her pussy was not entirely shaved, but trimmed. Both her hands and feet had crisp, clean, manicured nails. Everything about her smelled fresh, including her luscious, flowing hair.

Service - 9

ENGLISH LEVEL : Great. She has a slight accent, but she is very comfortable speaking in english and can hold a conversation with a robust vocabulary.

After my first trip to Prague with my friends where our sole goal was to fuck lots of hot girls and ended up fucking a few pornstars, I got the crazy idea in my head that I could be a pornstar. But breaking into porn as a male actor, is difficult. Most actors are referrals from other performers, such as the boyfriends of female talent, or merely guys the girls recommended. Even with a referral, there's no guarantee you can be a star because you have to maintain a certain fitness level, have a decent-sized cock, maintain an erection (viagara does not always work) and cum nearly on cue. After the amateur POV scenes I filmed for my own pleasure, I thought I could handle most of those things, except for the lack of referral. Thinking like the musician I am, I thought, "I should create a portfolio of scenes", much like how I would have samples of my music. Being young and silly, my friends supported me all the way, so we cobbled some money, got tested, called up the agent we used before, and asked who was available. The first girl on the list: Lucky.

At the time, Lucky was not the Penthouse-Pet-Of-The-Year, but she was a rising star. We booked a suite at one of Prague's newest, modern hotels and set up everything for the shoot. Richard - another reviewer on this site - volunteered to be my camera man. We setup some rented lights in the suite and chose the sofa as the best place to do the scene. We weren't getting jizz and body fluids all over the beds because we were sleeping in the suite. Lucky arrived at the scheduled time and we were surprised by her very tanned complexion. She had just returned from a trip to the mediterranean and she got a lot of sun. From her luggage case of outfits, we chose a sexy black dress because that seemed the best match for her skin tone. We briefly discussed how the scene would happen and we began filming.

I sat back on the couch. Lucky approached me and I was immediately aroused. This girl looked fantastic in person. We stripped and she began sucking my cock in a very quick and hungry sort of way. Her technique was really good. We switched duties and I ate her out, getting into the moment and forgetting Richard was behind me. Her pussy tasted fantastic and as I ran my hand up her body to cup her breasts, she sucked on my fingers in a very erotic way.

I tried different positions with her. First in missionary, which was offered a great few of her amazing body, but was really uncomfortable, especially as I wanted to fuck her harder whenever she flashed me a naughty smile. When she got into reverse cowgirl and started gyrating her hips, I almost fell in love. It looked good from my point of view, even if all I saw was her silhouette from the lights pointing directly at us. Richard would capture the moment and later when I watched the scene, I envied his vantage point. She looked so sensual and sexual. Wow. She moaned loudly and frequently. It was a little fake, but we were trying to shoot a porn, and I was enjoying it so much, I completely lost control and came a little quicker than I expected. Richard wasn't quite prepared the he ended missing the start of the my load landeing all over Lucky's pretty face, but the memory of that wonderful moment is forever etched in my mind.

Over the subsequent years, I followed Lucky's career intermittently, which means I kept my eyes open for new movies she may have starred in so I could jerk whenever I felt nostalgic. There was also that Seth Rogan movie where her issue of Penthouse, was prominently featured, which any fan of hers would immediately recognize. I got a kick, while watching the movie, out of the fact I had sex with that model, and not just fight over pictures of her to jerk off too. While browsing online, I started to see advertisements for her escort services. I did not think they were real at first, because these escort agencies use fake photos and claim to have stars, all the time, but the ads led to her website. Lucky was now an independent. I had business in Prague coming up so I made reservations to see her and she was available.

Lucky came to my hotel room. She was now in her early thirties, but looked almost the same as the day I first saw her, except her ultra dark tan was gone, replaced by a pleasant olive. We recognized each other and chatted briefly. After retiring from porn, she moved abroad for a few years. When she returned, she thought about escorting because she enjoyed providing great customer service. Indeed, she seemed attentive and caring when we reminisced and I giggled when I made the dumbest jokes. Although we worked together before, it wasn't like we were acquaintances, yet the conversation felt relaxed enough to that degree.

She undressed, and her body looked the same. There were no signs of dumpiness that some women her age exhibit. There were no wrinkles or spottiness on her flesh. And she smeleed as sweet as ever. Sex this time was much more casual and less "porn", perhaps because no cameras were involved. It wasn't passionate or overtly sensual, but relaxed as if we were giving each other a massage. She would smile, make eye contact, and kiss. We discussed how I could finish and at this time, she allowed cumming in her mouth (which is now off her menu). She kneeled on the floor and I unloaded into that pretty mouth of hers, while my head tilted back in pleasure. This was fantastic. She didn't swallow, but it felt really good to do.

Afterwards, we chatted a bit more, before she left. She was not a clock watcher and I never felt rushed. It was a great session, and what most would consider a GFE, but perhaps because of our prior working relationship, it felt like a casual hookup with an old friend. It's been a very interesting journey; first meeting her in our twenties, and now meeting her again in our thirties. I can't say I held up as well as she has, but it's amazing she has barely changed. In an odd way, I'd love to see her again, and more often, not just for the great sex, but to feel like I'm in my twenties again.

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