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Anastasia Devine


Age: 23
Ethnicity: Czech
Height: 170cm
Measurements: 36D-27-37
Weight: 55kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Languages Czech, English, German
Location Prague, Czech Republic

Review Summary



by Jake

Face - 7

She's not a butterface, but she wasn't my cup of tea. I prefer my girls with angular features, sharp-slender noses, and big, round, oval eyes. Anastasia has a very easter-European look.

Body - 9

Just look at those pics. She is stunning. Not skinny, but not chubby, with big round breasts that are a joy to play with. She's also taller than the average girl, making her figure look ever more sexy. Those breasts were the highlight. They were very soft and felt like heaven when I put my cock inbetween them to tittyfuck.

Hygeine - 8

She didn't have any strange odors or bad habits, but I'm quite picky with body hair and Anastasia had hair in places I found unappealing. It was more of a visual preference of mine.

Service - 8

ENGLISH LEVEL : OK. You can have a basic conversation and her speech is accented, but clear.

When I saw Anastasia for the first time, my eyes could not stop looking at her curves. Her body was just so amazing that I wanted to see her in something sexy and clingy. Like most girls, she had an ugly pair of unmatching bran and panties so that was no fun, but she had brought with her a sheer nightie and panty set. Good girl. I asked her to change into them and come back into the room, where I would be waiting with my cock out

When she returned, my dick immediately stood up. That body was fine. She walked towards me, stroking those big breasts; teasing me immensely because I wanted to cup them in my hands too and squeeze them. Slowly she took off her nightie and panty, letting those natural big boobs escape. She got down on the floor and crawled towards me with a slight smile. Her mouth opened wide and swallowed my cock. Her blowjob technique was ok, but she never took it deep in her mouth and she kind of pinched the base of my cock with her fingers the whole time instead of stroking it.

We put some blankets onto the floor because the hardwood was a little cold, and she straddled me cowgirl style. We didn't need lube because her pussy was quite wet and I slid inside her easily. She didn't feel tight, but it was comfortable. The best part though, was watching her bounce up and down. I put my arms behind my head and just watched as she rode me with her D cup breasts putting on a great show. They looked and felt amazing.

She turned around into the reverse cowgirl position and continued. She had a nice ass, but the view of her front was way better. I also started to feel that her performance was a bit mechanical. She made good eye contact and she moaned well, but it felt like an act. She didn't smile as much when she made contact, and she kept her hands mostly rested at her sides, never reaching for my body or drawing my face towards her to kiss me.

After letting her control the action for a while, I decided to set the pace. She got on all fours and I fucked her doggy style, then switched it up into missionary because I wanted to see those breasts again as she laid on her back. That was fun, but I wanted to try something she listed on her menu: greek. Anastasia got on all fours again and she motioned me to take it slow. I explorered her asshole with my finger a little before taking the plunge with my cock into her ass. It was nice and tight in there and I just wanted to pound her harder. She moaned more loudly, which really turned me on and I coudn't hold out any longer and came inside her ass. She was cool with it and smiled back.

I sat back, completely spent, and watched her shake her ass at me before getting up to leave the room to wash up. I looked at my cock and saw no signs of brown stains so I appreciate she had a clean ass. It was getting late for the both of us, so she quickly dressed and I got a cab for her, wishing her well with what little czech I knew. She responded with the little english she knew. We didn't really say much during the session and there was nothing to say now. She kissed me on the cheek and I waved her off.


An overall good experience. Anastasia is a pretty girl with an amazing, slim body complimented by a gorgeous set of large, natural, firm breasts. She was a little mechanical and the experience lacked GFE. We had fun and good laughs, but she doesn't talk very much. Anal sex was on the menu and the combination of that, and the body, is enough to warrant a repeat.

Video and Review Notes

This video was filmed as part of a series of sessions many years ago when Prague was still known as the capital of affordable, amazing sex, from gorgeous young women, making it a popular destination for stag parties. As part of one such stag trip, we arranged for an agent/pimp - who has subsequently left the business entirely - to surprise us by sending over attractive girls he knew. Many pornstars moonlighted as escorts - and still do, so we did have a few girls who would later become big stars in porn. Since our mate was getting married, we thought it would be great for memories if we could film ourselves fucking them, so this was shot in POV, with the girls and the agent, fully aware (and more than fully compensated) of our intentions. We had such a good time with Anastasia, she laughed so much when we tried to film her. We included some outtakes in the beginning to show her fun nature.

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